10 Best OpenCart Templates for Your Business Website

OpenCart is one of the best platforms for creating online stores available today. It is free and open source and you can install it quite easily. One of the major selling points of OpenCart is its flexibility in design. It allows a wide variety of themes to be created and has a very strong design community. Here are some of the best OpenCart templates that could take your online store to the next level.

1. Blanka Shop

Blanka Shop
This is one of the best responsive OpenCart themes for a custom store design. It can be modified to create any kind of online store. It is easier to install than many other themes. Moreover, it has very strong support for SEO friendly content management. It will make your website look very beautiful and functional on mobile and desktop screens alike.

2. Pav Clothes

Pav Clothes
This template is specifically designed for fashion stores. You can customize it to include any kind of fashion product portfolio. It is very easy on the eyes and has a number of features that you can enable to make the store look even richer. Like most other modern templates it is based on responsive design, so you can get traction with mobile shoppers as well.

3. Carbon

This theme is best suited for electronic gadget stores. If you have an all-purpose store, you can use Carbon to create a specialized electronics section using this theme. It has a neat multi-column layout and will display a large number of products without making the page look too crowded. Its default theme is dark, but you can configure it to have a color theme of your choice.

4. Extreme Watches

Extreme Watches
If you have a niche store for watch collectors, this is one of the best themes today. It is geared specifically towards watches, so its design will make your product images pop out and look more attractive to buyers. The default theme is beautifully laid back, but you can also change color options. It works well across different browsers as well.

5. Theia

This is a free OpenCart theme that looks very premium. Fashion accessories look right at home when they are displayed under this theme. It has multiple display options such as list or grid and it has a very quick layered navigation feature. Product comparison is especially important for this category of online stores, so Theia has the appropriate layouts enabled by default.

6. T-Shirt

Although this theme looks like it is meant solely for T-shirt selling stores, it is actually quite customizable. You can modify it to display multiple categories of products and change the contrasting color theme to a mellower version. Many sites that use this theme however find the default color scheme to be highly attractive for users.

7. Azure

This is a great theme for those who want a simple and free template for their OpenCart website. There are hundreds of free themes that are as simple, but Azure looks the best across all different browsers. It is also a responsive template, so your site will look right at home on mobile screens as well.

8. Palioxis

This is a great theme for your OpenCart website when you want to display product highlights more prominently. It is more suited to electronic gadgets, because that is where you have to mention a lot of specifications and technical details.

9. Bootstrap Watch Store

Bootstrap Watch Store
If you want your OpenCart website to be powered by Bootstrap, then this is one of the better themes available to you. It has a strong technical foundation and is updated very frequently with new features. It gives you a lot of space to place beautiful images of your watches on sale, so you can make a more compelling case to your visitors.

10. Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store
Although the default theme for this OpenCart template is modeled for selling jewelry, it is highly customizable. With a little bit of work (which is not much really), you can get this template to look as good as you want and sell just about anything. For a free template, this is one of the better looking online store themes you can find.

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