10 Best Ways to Learn Coding for Beginners in 2017

Learning a programming language and coding are some of the most valuable skills you can pick in these modern times and it can be used in anything whether for your career or to create something new. Further, gone are the days when only some people knew coding. Now a days everyone has the same potential and a chance to learn coding very easily.

Coding is required when you are building a personal website or any type of professional portfolio. On the other hand, yes its right that learning coding is a bit confusing, but now that has also become easier with various types of online line programs, books and other ways that has spread the education of coding to everyone. There are various programming languages like CSS, PHP, HTML, Java and many more. Further, you can also take the java online training course from any training website and this will help you in understanding its coding in a better way.

Below mentioned are some of the best ways and books through which you can learn the coding easily:

1. Get a Mentor

One of the most easiest ways to learn coding for beginners is to get a mentor. Basically, the programming community is full of people who are willing to teach and help newbies of programmers.

2. Python Programming Book

As we discussed above, you can also consider books to learn coding and one of the most fantastic book is written by John Zelle named Python programming which explains the basics of coding.

3. Coders at Work-reflections on the craft of programming

Another very informative book you can use to learn coding is Coders at work. It is packed with the interesting interviews of 15 accomplished programmers and their famous projects they have worked upon.

4. Play coding games

Another, most interesting way to learn coding for beginners is through games. There are various sites and coding tutorials which build games for newbies which helps them to learn the tough coding with fun and ease.

5. Get an interpreter for that language

Now this is the other superb way to learn coding. Basically, an interpreter act as a another computer program which will convert your written ideas in a programming language which means into a machine code so that you can understand coding very easily.

6. Java – a beginner’s guide

This is also from the category of one of the best books to learn coding. Basically, this book moves slowly to complex areas of coding like syntax, keywords and the basics of the Java language.

7. Take a coding course

Another easiest way to learn coding for beginners is to take a coding course. There are various types of online and offline courses easily available today for all newbies. Further, these courses are designed to the basics and fundamental skills of programming.

8. Clean Code

You can also go through the Clean code reference text book for learning coding very easily. This books specially deals with the principles and best practices of writing a clean and clearly understandable codes.

9. Choose the Right Language

Another important way to learn coding for beginners is to choose a right language because that will make you clear to choose mentors and books for future guidance. But, the language you choose might depend on your purpose and need to learn coding.

10. Programming Pearls

Last but not the least book you can consider for learning coding is programming pearls. This is another best and simple book for newbies that teaches you the basics of solving problems with coding.

So, these are some of the best ways by which beginners can learn and practice coding very easily in the year 2017.

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