10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Customer Engagement

As a Content Management System WordPress powers millions of websites and blogs and naturally, all of their owners want to see more traffic to their online resources and convert more visitors into leads and customers. There are many different ways and tools to achieve this goal. Reinforcing your WordPress with additional plugins is one such way. What plugins to choose, which of them are truly efficient without causing a slow down in your website performance? In this article I will suggest a few options which will help you to facilitate your customer engagement process and bring more fresh content to your website.
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1. Drive traffic with embedded lists

Let’s start with Listly, a plugin which helps you to increase engagement and improve your SEO. With this plugin you can easily integrate List.ly lists with your posts and pages and build engagement with its members. By installing this plugin on your website you will get unique content, drive traffic and have your content shared on Facebook and Twitter. Beside this, with integrated lists you will quickly build a strong community of followers who share your passion. The plugin can be quickly integrated by following instructions provided on the List.ly website For each list, by clicking “Embed” button you will get a shortcode, which you will then need to insert into your posts or pages.
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2. Engage more visitors with live chat tool

By utilizing a live chat plugin on your WordPress website you will let your visitors easily connect with you whenever they have questions or need assistance. I suggest taking a look at Provide Support Live Chat plugin / which can be seamlessly integrated with your website and will give your visitors an opportunity to contact you in real time. You will be able to send proactive chat invitations and monitor your visitors behavior to better understand how to make your website design more responsive. Provide Support offers a powerful plugin with various integration options, which include the ability to add the chat button in your sidebar or to a fixed position in the browser window, select pages on which you would like to show the live help icon, display text chat links, use images hosted on your own server and other more advanced options.
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3. Add a personal touch to your website by welcoming new and returning visitors

WWSGD will add some warm touch to your website by offering special greeting for newcomers and recognizing returning visitors. Through this greeting you can show some useful information about your website to new visitors and display promotions to returning users.
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4. Let your visitors do the marketing and spread the word about you

By letting your visitors easily share your website content in social media networks, more users will be able to discover your online resource through the shared content. Amazingly good looking and always visible social sharing buttons can be placed on your website with Digg Digg plugin.
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5. Stay in touch with customers through email updates

Notifying your subscribers about special offers, new items and services available with you is a must for earning their loyalty and increasing retention. Subscribe 2 plugin allows you to do just that, in an easy and convenient way. With this plugin you will keep your audience updated and will also grow your subscription list.
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6. Get closer to your audience with custom contact forms

It is important for any business to make themselves transparent and available to the customer whenever they have a question or need help with your product or service. If you are not ready to utilize a live chat tool on your website, as an alternative to it you can offer your visitors to get in touch with you through a special contact form. With Gravity Forms plugin you can easily build convenient contact forms and place them on your website. You can design custom forms or order forms with incorporated pricing specific fields. These forms will blend with your website and become its integral part allowing you to increase your visitor engagement by offering professional support service.
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7. Boost your engagement and SEO performance with integrated commenting system

If your website allows commenting, you can boost visitor engagement with Discqus plugin by turning comments into an active asset of your website. Connect to fellow geeks, improve your website traffic and customer engagement – all in one go. Powerful moderation tools will give you the ability to create white and black lists and filter spam. By equipping your website with Disqus commenting system, you can build a strong community and have comments which are indexable by search engines posted on your website.
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8. Create an emotional connection with your customers by engaging them through polls

Adding a poll to your website is another step toward driving your customer engagement. Let your customers feel more valued and important by asking their opinion and encouraging them to vote. You can create polls and add them to your website using the WP-poll plugin. The tool gives you a choice between using their stock templates or creating custom CSS polls. The plugin is quite easy to integrate and does exactly what it’s supposed to do with no hassle.
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9. Tailor your website to accommodate mobile users

More and more users access Internet and search for information using mobile devices today. For any online business wanting to reach a wider audience it becomes absolutely necessary to make their website mobile friendly. Wptouch mobile plugin will automatically load a mobile version of your website for users viewing it from a mobile device. This ensures that all of your website visitors will have a positive experience interacting with your website. What could be better for improving your customer engagement?
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10. Get insight into your customers with a marketing analytics platform

Attracting visitors and capturing leads is an essential part of a successful customer engagement strategy. Equipping your marketing team with a powerful tool which enables them to capture leads, set up alerts and generate reports will help to increase your overall conversion rates. Optify B2B Inbound Marketing Platform is one such tool which gives you incredible insight about your prospects. The platform can be seamlessly integrated with your WP website using the
Optify’s plugin.
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