8 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials for Beginner

Since WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, it’s natural that more people would want to learn it. This open source, free and secure platform is liked by users and developers alike from across the world. Further, its huge popularity has ensured the availability of a lot of tutorials online to help people understand this technology better. Choices are so many and at times, they can cause a lot of confusion.

So, here we present you perhaps 8 of those brilliant WordPress tutorials for beginners –

1. Getting Started with WordPressM

There can’t be anything more helpful than this official WordPress page to learn and get started with the CMS. It allows all what beginners look for, including installation process, adding plugins, managing themes, troubleshooting and learning about design and layout.
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2. WordPress Cheat Sheet for developers

Beginners can leverage this cheat sheet to either develop or tweak WordPress themes with ease. Learning the basics and adding up to the skills gets easier with this sheet. It helps a whole lot when one look sot either edit or tweak the WP blog.
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3. Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Menus

As the name suggest, beginners can benefit a lot from this guide built by Paul Kaiser. Learning the fundamentals of the menu system goes amazingly easy for users. Similarly, the learning can be so effective that one can use it on the new websites as well.
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4. A WordPress eBook

It benefits a lot when the same WordPress tutorials can be accessed both ways, online as well as offline. So, in case if you don’t have an access to the next, you can easily read this pdf format e-book and learn a lot about the platform.
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5. The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast

If beginners are more interested in knowing how to get traffic to the website, then this guide will certainly help a lot. It’s a very help guide to SEO and it can be used to know all about optimization.
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6. The WordPress community offers advice to beginners

An article laced with some very helpful advice from the WordPress community and its members itself can be a delight from any beginner. So, smoothen your journey with this guide and has it easy with WordPress.
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7. How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

This guide is very helping in installing Google Analytics in WordPress website and get tons of data related to visits. So, from understanding the audience to knowing the traffic stats to becoming familiar with visitor’s demographics etc., all become a breeze when thus guide is followed.
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8. Learn WordPress in One Week

How much time is enough to learn WordPress? One year? A few months? Or one week? Well, get this step-by-step guide and learn all about the popular platform in one week. Can you ask for more!
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