Best WordPress Plugins to Create Under Construction Pages

If you are looking for some WordPress plugins to create maintenance mode, under construction and coming soon page for your websites and don’t know where to find them then look no further, in this article we would like to showcase some of the Best WordPress plugins to create under construction pages for your websites.

Following plugins are responsive and comes with plethora of features and functions to give a unique look to your websites. So, without further ado, let us explore them one by one below.

1. Under Construction Page

Under Construction Page is one of the best and simple plugin for creating under construction and maintenance mode pages for your websites. You can create a beautiful and dynamic under construction page without much hassle and in less than 5 minutes.
This plugin has superb user interface by which a novice can design a page, once you start using admin panel, you can set up entire page easily without any endeavors.

Under Construction page plugin includes 20 themes to design your pages and it also comes with Google Analytics to keep an eye on visitors. This plugin is absolutely free and includes social media links, login button, whitelisted user roles, and much more. You can display any content from style text to images and can set the expiration date for your maintenance page.

Download Here

2. Maintenance Mode

This is a quick option to set your site on maintenance mode, this plugin is easy to handle and quick to install. It comes with a custom progress bar that will help you to make your users understand how soon your site will be ready. Also you can set up where the maintenance page would appear, on homepage website, on website page, on post or category page. It’s available on 4 color schemes – black, blue, green, red.
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3. Maintenance Pro

Maintenance PRO is packed with advanced features, for a powerful and effective maintenance mode splash page that stands out from the crowd.
With this plugin you can add your own images, or gallery of images, and customize the delay time for each transition. You can even upload a YouTube or Vimeo video loop, for an original, immersive and dynamic splash page background.

Maintenance PRO guarantees that your full screen, HD and retina ready splash page will look stunning and flow seamlessly on all devices, for a professional and engaging “maintenance mode” experience.
Download Here

4. 5sec Maintenance Mode

This plugin allows you to create instant maintenance mode pages for your websites. This plugin is jam packed with some nifty features like 6 beautiful funny template, customizable countdown timer, customizable progress bar, fully editable templates, SEO and google friendly, and famous 5sec installation.
Download Here

5. Fancy WP Maintenance Mode

FWPMM adds a splash maintenance mode page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to configuration and the blog including the front-end.

This plugin comes with 3 professional and lovely maintenance page themes, you can switch to any one of them. You can use a date with a countdown for information to the visitors or set unit in percent value of progress bar for information. Also you can add your social urls to display in the maintenance page.
Download Here

6. Coming Soon Countdown

Indeed Coming Soon ultimate Responsive for WordPress with 2 modern layouts and Countdowns is the most all in one desired and use Plugin on his niche.

Indeed Coming Soon let you continue your work on website while your visitors see the Coming Soon page. When you finish your website just bring it live using One Button!

You decide which Users can see the Website or not based on their WP Roles. If only part of the website needs to be restricted with the “Coming Soon” page now you can set which pages are available for your visitor and which not.
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7. Verde

Verde is another cool WordPress plugin for creating under construction and maintenance mode pages for your websites. This plugin has some nifty features like great admin panel, built with bootstrap, cookies messages, fully responsive, video support, Google maps background, 5 background pattern style, 2 countdown styles, compatible with contact form 7 and much more.
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8. WP Procount

WP PROCount is a simple, clean and fully responsive mobile friendly landing page WordPress plugin. The WP PROCount is very minimalistic and lightweight. It contains a customizable Countdown Clock and MailChimp plugin. This plugin also comes with a LESS Stylesheet file that you can use to customize the page.

All users that are not logged is as administrator will see the coming soon template. This allows the administrators to work on the theme while still having a live WP PROCount page displayed for everyone else.

Crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).
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