How to Choose Best Keywords for Mobile Apps

“The most important stage of the mobile app marketing plan is choosing app’s keywords.” — Evaldo Rossi, an ASO expert.
This time, in the ignition mobile app market, the mobile app marketers are more and more likely to need to know App Store Optimization because this is the most important way users and customers will find mobile apps. The App store Optimization has various aspects such as App icon and screenshots, demo videos, numbers of reviews, the rating of your app and many more.

When the companies are building out their mobile app marketing approaches, one of the most important steps is correct mobile app keywords. The right keywords are one of the finest ways to get more users. Keywords are one approach to take responsiveness to the mobile app during the concern and discovery phase, and from there, the baton gets passed to other operation fields of mobile app marketing. There are some good strategies to look for keywords that are actually being used by people who are searching for the apps.

1. Brainstorm

Clearly, no one knows the app better than the app developer. Developers can literally write down whatever comes to mind when they are thinking about their mobile app. Developers can create a database of keywords to keep records of all their future efforts.

2. Keyword Spying

After brainstorm keywords by app developers, they can look at what other apps in their place are doing. It means spying on the keywords of their competitors, especially those the successful ones, So that they can probably get some effective words that work efficiently. Keep this in mind that not all of the keywords find from your opponents can be appropriate to the mobile app, like two mobile apps are not exactly same as each other.

3. Keyword Tools and Suggestion Sites

There are several keyword proposal tools that can help you make an improved list of keywords. Based on the keywords on the list, these great tools will harvest some suggestions and other candidates. The most frequent used tools are Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. Developers do not need to pay anything or set up a Google Adwords campaign for that. This will be the best option if they are launching their app in Google Play.

4. Review mining

Reviews are the best way to get some new fresh ideas. Developers can start with searching in the reviews of their mobile app. It will definitely need a great number of reviews. If they don’t have sufficient reviews, they can turn to their competitors. Although it is totally free on the iOS App Store and Google play. An improved choice is using review analysis tools that can help developers filter through reviews and put the best on top.

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