Sarahah App : Everything You Need to Know

At this point we expect that everyone must be aware of the Sarahah App. This app has been created by Saudi Developer ZainAlabdinTawfiq and the main reason why this app has gone viral is – It lets you send anonymous message to people. You can send message even without logging in. We have all wanted to tell our friends or bosses about their annoying habits but most of us don’t have the courage to do this face-to-face. Sarahah is an app will let you to do this.

What is Sarahah App?

“Sarahah helps individuals self-developed by accepting productive mysterious criticism,” peruses the applications depiction on Google Play Store. Strikingly, Sarahah signifies “trustworthiness” in Arabic, however this genuineness is conveyed secretly. The application is accessible in English and in addition Arabic for iOS and Android users.

How this app works?

The thought is straightforward – you make a Sarahah profile, which anybody can visit. Indeed, even without signing in, individuals can visit your profile and leave messages, secretly. In the event that they have logged in, messages are as yet mysterious as a matter of course, yet users can label their personality. On the recipient’s application, all the approaching messages appear in an inbox, and you can hail messages, erase them, answer, or most loved them to discover them effortlessly later. This messaging app doesn’t require user’s mobile number, which makes sense given this about anonymity.

Once you logged in this app, you can share your Sarahah link on Facebook, Twitter,Whasapp or you can copy the link and post it to a different social network. Anyone who has the link can send you messages. They can be friends, strangers who are on the app and those who are not even on this app. For communicating something specific, a user has click on the connection(link), which will open a content box with a message, “Leave a constructive message.” Obviously, the productive part is lost on generally people. Individuals can sort in their message and hit send. At the point when a user gets the message, they simply get the content and don’t know who sent this specific message.

Is Sarahah like a regular messaging app?

No, Sarahah is not a regular messaging app and other than sending random anonymous messaging to people it doesn’t offer much. The tabs on the application are restricted to Messages, Search, Explore, and Profile. All received, sent and most loved messages show up in “Messages” tab. When you get a message you can favorite it or block the user or even report it. Despite the fact that what occurs after you report a message is vague. Profile tab allows user to manage their profile. Search tab is still not live but this feature will be available in next update. Search tab allows user to search people to send them anonymous messages.

Is Sarahah application spreading digital harassing?

The fact is that individuals have the liberty to send anonymous messages to everybody thus reports are there that some people misusing the app and victimization it as a tool for cyber-bullying.They are sending undermining messages to individuals and truly harassing them.

What is SarahahSpyer?

A lot of individuals are requesting a website to reveal anonymous senders. currently here you’ve got it at “”, do not fall for it, it is a hoax.

The app is simply meant to send and receive messages while not revealing your personal details; it encrypts all of your personal data. These faux websites that have started doing rounds square measure solely dead set create cash. Once you open the web site, it’s reasonably legitimate with all the period of time comments down below.

There’s a column wherever you can type your username and all you have to do is click on the “Find sender” tab, it will send you to fill out a survey of types, there will be one or two of queries you have got to answer before you reach the tip of it. however, to your disappointment, it will lead you to nothing. the web site may be a scam. The more of websites visits the creators get, the extra money they earn. SarahahSpyer is another name for same web site.

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