Tips for Designing Around Facebook’s 20% Ad Text Rule

Facebook can be a powerful tool for your business, despite the fact that it’s organic reach not exactly what it used to be. Facebook advertising enables you to focus to your brand strategist correct client and reach numerous a greater number of individuals than conventional advertising.

Facebook’s 20% rule that applies to the measure of text that can show up inside images of News Feed ads. It’s inadequately upheld. It’s inconsistent. It’s ridiculous that it applies to link thumbnail images.

1. Use a promoted link advertisement

Based on our research and use, it seems that Facebook has just connected this rule to image-based posts, which leaves an incredible opening for link posts. Of course, this requires a destination for the link, which takes somewhat more idea and readiness, yet the site traffic that can be picked up is definitely justified even despite the exertion.

2. Creative type treatment

Facebook uses an automatic image recognition process to flag ads for infringement of the 20% rule. As such, it can be deceived by controlling the text so that it doesn’t look very as much prefer text. Some simple creative type treatment can easily upset the system and get your advertisement through. This case for the Stockton Inn uses a “ghostly” blurriness and slight difference in edge or perspective to get past the channel. This tactic does accompany some risk however. On the off chance that you don’t control the text enough and can’t confuse the algorithm, you may get dismissed and need to backpedal and adjust your image. Also, you can anticipate that the image recognition will keep on improving, so we can depend on the effectiveness of this strategy declining over the coming months.

3. Hide the text in the image

This is somewhat similar to the previous approach, yet slightly extraordinary in its tactic. The objective of Facebook’s 20% rule is to restrain text overlay on images, not text that might be incorporated into the image. If I somehow happened to take a photo of a street sign canvassed in text, Facebook would happily enable me to advance it. We can use this to play the system a tad by influencing text to some portion of the image, instead of simply laying it on top. Use perspective and shading to influence your overlay to fit into the image like it is a piece of the original photo, and you’ll get directly through the system.

Sure there are ways to stay inside the rules and still make awesome promotion content. You can run far with decent imagery and strong status text. Be that as it may, sometimes it pays to shading outside of the lines, and truly, you have next to no to lose. Try it out and see what you can concoct.

4. Build Reusable Templates

Running bunches of advertisements? Get your graphic designer to help by making a reusable template that takes after the 20% content run the show. This is fantastically proficient, in light of the fact that each and every time you run another promotion, you know the picture will pass, and you won’t need to stress over it once more.

5. Move your text around.

Tragically (and annoyingly), some of the time the measure of text isn’t even the issue. It’s the position of the text. In the event that there is any measure of text in one of the matrix boxes, Facebook accept the whole box has been filled. So if the text is covering eight boxes, you might have the capacity to move the text into four boxes, permitting your advertisement picture to be endorsed.


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