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Treed : Powerful Tree Editor

Treed is a Powerful Tree Editing Component, Treed wants to be for tree editing what ace is for text editing. Extensible, customizible, powerful, and just plain easy to use. Perhaps that’s a little ambitious, but that’s the idea.

Treed is constructed using the MVC pattern such that it is simple to, for example, create an entirely different view for the tree. You can also create your own “Node” class if you wanted to do more than just have a single text input. You could add buttons, more fields, whatever you want.

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  1. A related program for editing equations (which are trees of variables and functions) is Ket
    It too uses i, j, k and l to move around, but displays the tree in conventional mathematical notation and also lets you edit equation fragments as plain text, e.g. “sin(\alpha)”.

  2. Hi … nice work. I tested it on Firefox 27.0.1 and I don’t see the node labels , just the skeleton tree. It works good on Chrome though.

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