Uber Eats – A Startup Worth Experimenting and Worthy of Success

Uber Eats, what a way towards personalized user experience? The people in the USA have experienced a lot of digital inventions before, especially in the food industry such as ordering online via FB, Twitter, through thewebsite, through WhatsApp etc. Moreover, the plethora of online applications offering details and ratings about restaurants and cafes have opened the gates for the food lovers! But all these efforts were alluring customer towards one food place only. Got it? Let me explain you! If you crave for a dominoes’ cheesy crusty pizza, you will have to place an order (through whatever medium). In addition to that, if you want to order Burritos from Chipotle, again (you need to browse somewhere) place an order and wait! UberEATS has brought everything under one roof!Here, an Uber driver will pick pizza from dominoes,burritos from chipotle and will deliver hot food in less time and at a cost effective rate!

The reason why I am amazed is that it’s out of box idea and the well-thought-of, well-developed and crisp implementation! I just wondered, can’t we give our customers the solutions this way? In this article, keeping UberEATS as a reference, we will focus on following matters:

• What can be ventured next after a product’s huge success?
• How to promote something which itself is a personalized experience?

What next after one product has set a benchmark?

The plan of Uber cabs was the renowned idea itself. When hit the world, it became a bigsensation!The next idea thought of was supplying food via cabs, again an astounding concept! But how? They made a test run! Yes, a test was carried out. A standalone app was first launched for the people of Toronto before entering into other cities. Because a smaller customer base was involved, every data was monitored thoroughly. The bugs got fixed properly andthe enhancements were given a shape in a quite shorter time. Most importantly, taking a customer feedback into a higher consideration, every suggestion, issue, and theideawas given a proper treatment. So before presenting the app to the world, it was already a well-tested and futuristically equipped venture!

UberEATS – The best use of wide user base and in place infrastructure

It’s always a key thing to test the business for a smaller group, followed by gradually capture the market knowing the buyer persona at its best. Moreover, a business can take an advantage of social media platforms to listen to the customers regarding what to keep or eliminate? For a smaller group of audience, customizing the app is way easythan doing it for a larger customer base.

To promote a personalized user experience, there needed a human touch!

“Find what you’re craving, and we’ll handle the rest.” The promotion of UberEATS started with this tagline. Uber already had a data of riders with them. So, the Uber app started showing the UberEATS snippets on the application itself. With the data of theuser, the promotion started on social media with a bang! Initially Uber used to offer a limited menu only, so whatever is there, it used to be posted daily.

SMS Marketing became the effective marketing tool for them. Yes, in the world of smartphones and mobile applications, SMS marketing clicked the most. The users were sent SMS daily about the menu and about the app both. As a result, the users of the Uber drive got connected with UberEATS.

Instead an app notification, SMS notification serves the purpose

Similarly, a right product needs a right marketing channel. Once you already have an established business, then your biggest plus point is that you have a loyal user base. Cater them to what they want and provide them eventually. A brand storytelling helps whenever you launch something out of box! Find out the best promotion strategies to provide personalized user experience!

Wrapping Up

After a success, if you are planning to implement one more idea, it’s always advisable to ask what already established user base thinks of it. Plus, start the idea with the smaller group or region, ensure the perfection of the technology and idea via correct implementation.Once implemented full-fledged, market the product via leveraging personalized user experience in terms of contents and offers to allure the user base towards the idea.

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