User-Friendly Design on Site123

There is an infinite number of websites out there nowadays. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have an eye-catching website that provides the user a smooth experience. Users want to go on a website and find everything they are looking for at a click’s distance. Remember how frustrating it was the last time you were looking for something online and could not find it easily?

A recent study shows that 79% of people will search for another site to complete the task (1) if they don’t find what they are looking for. To make sure you have a website that provides the user a unique experience, here are a few tips.



You can have a good looking website with nice layout and yet have all your information very well organized and presented to the visitor. Make sure you keep the main focus of your website – to captivate and inform – on the center of the matter. Always keep smooth colors on text backgrounds and keep every information as easy as possible for the user to find.


Using the right tools can get you miles ahead of competition. Why waste time looking for someone to build you a website? is a great way to build your own website. It is a free website builder and offers templates that are very easy to edit. The great thing about it is that the layouts are very well organized and will keep your information very clear, helping provide a unique user experience.


After you register, choose your category and introduce some information about your website, SITE123 will take you into the website editor. It is a very intuitive platform that you will easily get used to. There you will be able to add to your website everything you need. From videos to a store and bulk mailing, it just covers pretty much all aspects a business needs when it comes to a website.

Here is a video with a quick overview on how to make a website and tweak your design on


Many times, it just takes an answer to a simple question for a person to make a purchase decision. And you will find that many times, your visitor just wants to clarify one single point before they make a purchase. You want to be one step ahead and guarantee that sale. Answer their questions before they ask them: put small pieces of information such as shipping info on strategic places of your website. This way, users won’t need to ask you the question and can proceed to make the purchase.
Always remember to assess your sales – where they are coming from, who makes them and so on – to make sure you are up to date on your statistics to know how you can improve. Only you can know what is better for your business at all times.

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