Can’t Tolerate Banner Ads In Yahoo Mail Anymore? Get Solution Here

Are you getting fed up of getting Yahoo Banner ads on the home page of your mail? As Yahoo is majorly working on its advertisement program. But, it is sometime not acceptable as the banner ads distract us from doing our important work.

Being the most popular email service provider across the globe, Yahoo continues to expand its features and services. Yahoo provides its email service for free so it has to compensate this offering with ads program.

However, its sometimes quite frustrating to see the banner ads while accessing important Yahoo mail. If you are the one who also feels the same, then below given solution is your thing to do.

Click on Hide Button to Remove Yahoo ads

You might not have noticed that Yahoo itself, offers the facility to stop ads getting displayed in the mail inbox. You can find a small arrow mark on the edge of big and flashing banner ads. When you click on it, it will disappear automatically.

However, it is not the permanent solution as the ad will again appear when you access to a new mail. Hence, you can consider it for temporary solutions.

Upgrade to Yahoo mail Plus Version

Before I tell you about Yahoo mail plus, I let you know that it is not for free. You will have to invest $19.99 from your pocket to upgrade to Yahoo mail plus version. By doing this, you will get rid of graphical Yahoo Mail ads permanently.

Install Grease Monkey Add-on

If you are using the Firefox browser on your computer system, then you can install Grease monkey add-on. Additionally, you need to install the Yahoo! Mail Cleaner script. And this script will help to remove the banner ads from the Yahoo mail interface.

Install Ad Blocker Add-on

Ad Blocker is the browser extension which is available for all the browsers. It is designed to block all the ads running on several websites. Hence, it can also block ads that appear on your Yahoo! Mail.

Well, I hope this article helps to take you out of Yahoo banner ads problems. If you still cannot make it on your own, then feel free to contact Yahoo by phone.

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