Why is WordPress Considered the Best e-Commerce Platform?

The first thought that runs through your mind is that the e-Commerce you’re going to develop would be safe and secured? Counting on that thought, you do your research and conduct analysis and to your astonishment, you’re thrown a plenitude of options to choose from only to get more confused.

Being secure is what all of if not most of the people are concerned with. And when it involves your business, the matter becomes more serious. A well managed and structured e-Commerce site can open many doors of opportunities, broadening your horizons and learning curve and gateways to new streams of income. And so is the case, just look at the internet and you’d find e-Commerce sites for every other functionality. You want to expand your business making it reach new customers in a short span of time, e-Commerce comes to your help. Web development services encapsulate all the aspects of e-Commerce sites from its development to its execution. Therefore, if you’re looking to develop an e-Commerce site for your business, then WordPress would be the ideal platform to start the development with.

Features of WordPress

Why WordPress? Before I answer that question allow me to throw some light on its features:

– It is most popular and widely used CMS.
– 26% of all the globally websites use WordPress.
– 37 billion global Google searches for WordPress are made per month.
– Right now, there are more than 45,000 plugins for different functionality.
– Easy to use and manage.
– Williams,, NBC, CNN, Fortune.com, National Post, TIME.com,New York Post, Spotify,USA Today, TechCrunch,Thought Catalog, CBS LocalTED, New York

Observer-all use WordPress

That’s a long list, isn’t it? But this list could be longer but that’s enough to showcase the significance of this platform and the plus point is that there are some really high profile brands using WordPress. I guess, you now have the slightest idea as to why it is the most sought after platform for e-Commerce sites. That’s why there is an upsurge in WordPress Development Services. It has not been limited to just as a blogging platform but is used for creating profitable e-Commerce sites. Without further ado, let’s look why it is considered for developing e-Commerce sites.

Why WordPress is considered for e-Commerce sites

WordPress e-Commerce themes:

This is the biggest advantage of using WordPress for e-Commerce as it has lots of themes. All these WordPress themes can be easily edited and customized to meet our requirements. It offers you a regalia of choice to choose from and to explore new ways of making your site attractive. Still, if you struggle with picking a suitable theme, then starting with the corresponding template is the most useful approach for business growth. It works on its theme system and plug-n-play architecture. Themes enhance the site’s functionality plus control its look.

Security Plugins:

Plugins extend the site’s functionality and add new features and functionality and enhance security as well. There is a myriad of plugins that strengthen your WordPress site making it more secure. You just have to install and configure as per the business objective and works on the go. Some plugins can even lock out users by their IP address when they try to gain unauthorized access to your site. There are both free and premium security plugins making the site more secure. Security of the site depends on its users and administrators and using plugins your WordPress site is less vulnerable to security issues.

There are variegated e-commerce plugins available using which you can increase your sale. A good and reliable plugin not only adds a great degree of functionality and flexibility to your site but also adds an extra layer of security. The beauty of WordPress is that you can add desired functionality that too without any technical or external help.

Secure Checkout/SSL:

SSL certificates or HTTPS ensures data encryption and security during its transmission. This feature is not available for any website, you’ve to (the website admin) obtain SSL certificate so that the users can rely on the site whenever they enter their data on your site and trust the site. They can rest assured that their online browsing is safe and secure.

Easy To Use, Configure And Manage:

The reason why WordPress is considered the best platform is that it requires no prerequisites. You don’t have to have a technical experience, no prior programming knowledge, a little understanding of programming languages (in the rare case). Simply put, you don’t need to be a coding expert for getting started with this platform. Just devote some efforts and time and voila, you have an e-Commerce site up and running within a short span of time. Another reason is that WordPress is completely free. Also, most of the plugins are free too. Meaning that the initial development costs are minimal but the results it bores are just immeasurable.

Infinite Product Customization:

In every e-Commerce sites, the product description is the crux because if users want to know about the product where would they look for it? You need to focus on this on regular basis. In short, update your site frequently, whenever a new update is available. With time, your business grows and the complexity of your e-Commerce site it becomes quite a strenuous process for customizing it. But, that’s not the case with WordPress as it provides you with a user-friendly dashboard and the ease of customizing a complex page, function, product or even a simple blog.

In a Nutshell

Whether you want a single vendor store or a multi-vendor marketplace for your e-Commerce site, WordPress is the ideal choice. WordPress is a great platform for process-driven business plus provides you with flexibility and resources, thus saving you time and efforts. Needless, to say that the WordPress will hold the reins in future and be the reliable option for e-Commerce development.

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